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When selling your home, the object of the game is to get the highest possible price in the shortest possible period of time.  In addition to pricing your home correctly, it is monumentally important that your home be in pristine condition prior to listing it.  To that end, spending a little bit of money upfront can result in thousands of dollars more in an offer price. Consider contacting the following contractors to assist you with sprucing up your home:


Joe Pak

(302) 377-3468


Joe Ashton

Superior Landscaping

(302) 325-4499



Jamie Niergarth

Market Prep Services
(302) 690-1890


Cleaning Services

The Dusters
(302) 998-1996

Custom Clean
(302) 753-0955

Annette's Cleaning Services
(302) 998-7844


Home Staging

Theresa Minichiello
Stage Right! Home Staging
(302) 367-4576


Carpet Dry Cleaning

Harvey Johnson

(302) 233-5896


Blacktop Maintenance

Mike Watson
(302) 383-3630





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